Please Note that the Blog has Moved!

logo-2I’ve transferred my domain and my wordpress followers. Visit for the updated website. This site will no longer be updated. Thanks!

I’m always looking for outlets to support, uplift, and guide me to be a better version of myself as a woman, wife and mom. This blog is a way for me to do that and as I share my inspirations with you, I hope you will share your input with me.  Let’s be friends!

If you are a Mom, You are invited to join the Midnight Moms Community!midnight-moms-community-join us!A place for moms to encourage one another and socialize online, share laughs, prayers, discouragements, and advice while inspiring each other during the daily beauty and nightly grind of motherhood. Join us now!

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I started this blog as a way to share my motherhood experiences and to appreciate the little glimmers of loveliness in my everyday life. This group is an extension of that goal and I hope you will all join me in discovering ORDINARY LOVELINESS through the blessings, joys, and struggles of family life.

Moms are who I have in mind when I write the majority of my posts because after all I am one and I’m floundering in the joyful and tumultuous sea of motherhood just as much as you. I would love for you to join me on this journey!

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